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Bored kids? There's always Summer Camp!

Bored kids? Summer seem realllly looong? Here are some summer camp ideas for your kids.

Bangalore Edition

Camp Yakaboo by Hippocampus: Every summer kids from ages 6 to 14 can experience a world of adventure, art, theatre and more at their Summer camps. This years camps include Art, Aeromodelling, Gardening, Adventure and water sports adventure! All camps are at the Pitter Patter Montessori school in Koramangala and begin in April.

Summer Camp 2010 at Alpha Kids: Starting early April enroll your kids ages 6 to 15 for programs that include Aeromodelling, Candle Making, Floral Fantasy, Cooking without fire and more. All camps are held at Alpha Kids Preschool and Day Care Center.

Summer funk at Uvasaggaha-ram: This is a 15 days nutrition camp for kids aged 5 to 12. Apart from activities like flower making, dance, gardening, the kids participate in workshops that help encourage nutritious eating habits, yoga & exercise. All programs are held at Uvasaggaha-ram

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