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Taco Bell enters India with Desi Burritos!

Yum Brands Inc. opened its first Taco Bell restaurant in India in March 2010 in Bangalore.
Taco Bell's India menu starts at 18 rupees giving it a bit of an edge. considering that's just below McDonald's menu and just above most street-food prices in the cities. The menu is beef-free with a host of vegetarian offerings, including paneer and potato burritos. Some items on the menu include Crunchy Tacos (potato, chicken), Volcano Tacos (potato, Chicken) Grilled Stuffed Burritos and fajitas (paneer, chicken, tangy chicken, Potato & Paneer Burrito) and Burritos (chicken, bean)!
The store is located in Mantri Mall in India's technology capital, Bangalore and has attracted a whopping average of 2,000 to 2,500 customers each day since its opening!
Have you tried their popular Paneer and Potato Burrito? Review their burrito here: Taco Bell's Burrito

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