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Bored Kids? There's always Summer Camp - Chennai

Bored kids? Summer seem realllly looong? Here are some summer camp ideas for your kids.
Chennai Edition
Funty by Theatre Y: A 14 day program for kids 8 to 16 years of agethat is an exciting blend of basic acting, voice, story-telling, writing and poetry skills. Special exercises are included that enhance the process of creative visualization as well. Programs will be conducted at studYo

Summer Camp at Hansel and Gretel Play Center: Junior and Senior campers aged 3 to 16 can take part in 2 week programs that include storytime, sing alongs, Puzzles, roleplay, art, public speaking and creative writing. Great flexibility too, they allow you to pick any 2 weeks period!. All programs are held at Hansel and Gretel Play Center.
Summer at Enhanting Elves: There are Summer camps, Summer weekends, Field trips and Evening classes for kids 3 years and upwards. Programs include Barn to the Wildlife, On the Wheels and The Lost World. Summer weekends are 3 hours programs of pottery and art. All programs are held at Enhanting Elves Activity Center.


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