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Sinful Indulgence...!!!!

When Ssssugar is your Weakness, tucking into anything Chocolaty is Heaven, licking the spoon clean is Bliss...!!! and indulgence for you means Desserts, Where would you head to get "That Fix"...???

Here are a few places that Grubhogger's delved into...........

Cubs has to be one of Mysore's top cake shops says Hungry Dog...!!

The Big Chill in Delhi is surely not a place to miss...

Anu feels "If you want to attain Nirvana it's gotta to be Spoonful of Sugar in Bangalore".

Never really will you come across varieties and shapes of chocolate to feast upon, to your hearts content and still feel you are not done yet... @ The Maple Leaf, Chennai

For all those insatiable, sinful, moments...!!! Lead us to Temptation, others will find it themselves....!!!