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Brew it Right..!!!!

Reviews on Grubhogs of some of the coolest Café’s around.

Café Noir in Bangalore

Fiddlesticks say's - I'm sure you'll all got that feeling that if a

restaurant is located in a posh part of town, then it's bound to be expensive. Me too, and this thought applied to Cafe Noir before I visited it. However, once there and a look into their menu, I realized that they weren't overly expensive, and going by the portions served, neither were the dishes overpriced.

We started off with a couple of drinks - a blue mint Froz and mint honey dew. Both were fantastic, and the colour of the mint honey dew blew me away. Although I was tempted to have the chicken and bacon quiche, I went with the tide and ordered a sandwich. All the sandwiches are priced at Rs 160, and trust me, they are well worth the money, both in terms of quantity and quality.

In terms of taste, I think all the sandwiches we had tasted great. We had the Orsay (having salmon), St Germain (having ham), Cafe Noir sandwich (having roast beef), Paris-Nice, and St Lazare (having chicken). We also had a Cafe Noir burger (beef). Needless to say, all were superb. You're also given a choice of breads: wheat, Panini, white, or baguette. All the sandwiches and burgers are priced at Rs. 160/- and given the size and the quantity of stuffing inside the sandwich, I think its well worth the money spent.

The desserts are to die for here. The dessert counter will be a gourmet's dream come true - you'll find pastries and cakes of all kinds on display, and selecting what to have was a real pain. Being spoilt for choice got a whole new meaning here! We eventually settled for a creme brulee, a fruit tart, and a ganache. The ganache was the best of the lot, while the creme brulee, although good, wasn't up to the mark according to a friend who'd eaten here before. All in all, a very satisfying meal, one that I won't forget for a while.

Kirky’s in Chennai by Caffeine

The bungalow turned cafe phenomenon in Chennai continues! Kirthika affectionately called Kirky runs the place and its kitchen. A little reminiscent of Amethyst this place seems a bit more updated and contemporary. The boutique on the lower level displays a collection of clothes and other odd items. The cafe is on the upper level and has a mixed menu of vegetarian and non vegetarian food, not too bad. I think the ambiance and location sells itself and although there is some good stuff to eat and drink, its seems like a place more favourable to just chilling with your favorite drink.

Aggie’s Café - Goa

Aggie's cafe is a favourite haunt of foreign tourists who loyally return each year. Aggie's has been around for years and with its popularity the place has grown too. From a small beach shack to one that is outfitted with a BBQ, sun beds, a larger kitchen and more. The BBQ is top on every one's list but it’s also the cold beers and friendly service that keeps tourists coming back.
On some nights they have live entertainment too and guests are happy to join in and dance the night away.

Brewers Café - Mumbai

Nishant while Hunting for a good place to unwind with a

few non-alcoholic drinks, landed up at Brewers Cafe.

Here’s what he has to say …

We got ourselves a good cozy seat, checked out the menu and ordered ourselves two cold coffees - one with chocolate and another without chocolate. These cool drinks were really good and rejuvenating especially in this heat.

We also ordered something to eat. French Fries with Mozzarella Cheese and Chicken nuggets. Having something crunchy with coffee shakes is always a win!

The chicken nuggets are a lot different than at McDonalds for instance and far better too. Thoroughly enjoyed the nuggets with the tomato sauce. It was a chicken cutlet/puff mix with some pieces of chicken.

Next up we ordered for the Chicken Burger which is quite cheap here. At Rs.46 it is a value snack. Chicken pattie is good and not overly cooked.

The food was good but we were disappointed in the end with the Mango Shake as it was just mango flavour.

I think Brewer’s cafe is a great place to hang out. The coffee is good. However, it is clear the emphasis is more on the coffee here so fruit flavoured drinks are out of the to-try list. Do try the pastas here, it seemed like they were everyone's favourite.

Brewer’s cafe isn't expensive so one can enjoy the time spent here without having to worry about burning a hole in one’s wallet.

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