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Real men drink a "Patiala Peg"

The"Patiala Peg" is more than just the name of a legendary bar in Delhi, there is some interesting history behind this strong drink!

Here's the very interesting story behind the "Paitiala Peg" .
The Maharaja of Patiala, an avid sportmen, invited the Irish team; " the Viceroy's Pride", to play a friendly match of tent pegging, a game with its own unique morbid history. Think Polo but with a very sinister origin.
The Maharaja worried that Team Patiala would not be able to take on the Viceroys Pride and win the game. In an effort to the tilt the scales a bit in favour of Patiala he hosted a dinner in their honor.

In keeping with the usual ritual, pre dinner drinks were served. However the bartenders were instructed to serve the Irish men double large pegs of whiskey, to make them drink more, and get his team to win......

Well, the idea worked, the Irish team woke up groggy, couldn't concentrate on the game and Bingo!! the game was Patiala's. Incensed that the largers pegs of whiskey handed them the loss, the political agent of the Viceroy went up to the Maharaja to complain. The Maharaja replied, "Yes, in Patiala our pegs are larger". And a whole new drink; the "Patiala Peg" was born that practically put Patiala on the map!

A Patiala peg depending on whom you ask is a 75ml or 90ml pour of the whiskey neat. But here's how to make a Patiala Peg that's a bit easier on your insides -
Pour your choice of coke (1/2 cup) into a whiskey glass.
Fill the remaining (A little less then 1/2 Cup) with whiskey or brandy.
Put 2-3 pieces of ice in it.
Cheers..!!!! Drink up!!
Hotel Imperial at Janpath, Delhi has a legendary bar with some history attached to it that is named "Patiala Peg" . Here is a place you can try the drink in the midst of a great collection of photos from the era of the Maharaja of Patiala!

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