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"Darshini's all the way"

If you've been living in Karnataka, especially Bangalore, Darshini's are hard to miss. One can find them almost everywhere. A perfect "Grub Place" for anybody looking to grab a quick bite. These places have no frills attached. Most of the time you have to stand and eat, maybe share your table with people you don't even know...!!! But, hey who cares about that... the Grub is good, clean and cheap.
Darshini's have it all, South Indian (Dosas, Idlies, etc), North Indian, Chinese, Juices, Chaat, Milkshakes etc.
What makes the Darshini's most attractive to the common man is the pricing - it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket especially if one has to eat out regularly, and needs quick service. So next time you are famished, and looking for a quick bite... try going to a Darshini, it's an experience you'll never forget.

Check out for all the Darshini's in Bangalore!

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