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Love it or hate? - Cool reviews on

People are spilling the beans on all the time. Here are some cool restaurant reviews on! Do you agree, maybe strongly disagree?

Mayuri S finds Mumbai's Tasting room in "Good taste" She writes "Soak in the atmosphere and munch away on the tray of goodies placed before you, various types of bite-sized breads, crisp bread sticks and a sinful swirl of garlic butter...." Read more here: Review

Madras Yogini was disappointed that "Sparky's" did not live up to all the hype. "The food was mediocre but it was the service and presentation that was pretty bad. It seemed like there was no effort made ......" Read more of the review here: Review

Neil S and his 14 friends could not have liked "I-95" more. He writes "It boasts an excellent menu and lives up to it. We were personally attended to, with a touch of flair, flamboyance and finesse...." Read more of the review here: Review

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