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Oh Coffee! - Part II

This week we present the second in the series on coffee. Taking a break from the history of coffee we delve into one of the most successful cafe's in India- Cafe Coffee Day.

Café Coffee Day is a part of India's largest coffee conglomerate, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), the first to roll out the ‘coffee bar’ concept in India with its first café in Bangalore’s Brigade Road in 1996.

In this section we get the answers directly from the source. What was the inspiration behind this overwhelmingly successful chain, what drives its continued success and many more questions that you might have wanted to ask.

"Chairman Mr. V. G. Siddhartha drew inspiration from the many chic cafe mushrooming abroad that served everything from beer to coffee and often doubled as a place to surf the net. Using his background in coffee he decided to translate the same experience here in India but with coffee being at the core."
Management style? "All Café Coffee Day cafes are self-owned and not franchised"
Where do the beans come from?
"Café Coffee Day serves the coffee it grows on the 7400 acres of its own estates plus another 2500 acres of managed estates. The group also sources coffee from 11,000 small growers, making its holder the largest individual coffee plantation owner in Asia"
Greatest Achievement? "Revolutionizing the ‘coffee culture’ in India by pioneering the ‘café’ concept."
What the Future holds? "By this calendar year end, Café Coffee Day will reach a total of 1000 cafes in India."
Challenges? "A challenge in this format of business is the ever fluctuating real estate prices."
Strengths? "We have a strong base of loyal c
ustomers who have grown with the brand from visiting our regular cafes as a student or young working professional to visiting our ‘Lounge’ format cafes with their families. "
New on the Menu?
Morning Glory (double shot of espresso, sweetened and spiced… on the rocks!)
First Light (rich caramel sauce, espresso with a swirl of cream),
Solar Eclipse (Cappuccino with spicy tones & Chocolate swirls)
Summer Breeze (Coffee on the rocks with milk foam). Caramellow (Coffee with rich caramel sauce & fruity banana flavouring dressed with whipped cream)
All-Day Refresher (Creamy cold coffee with the crunchiness of cookies).
Sunset Brew (Sinful combination of dark chocolate brownie with the richness of coffee).

(More from this interview in later posts- stay tuned)

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