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B'loreans gets a few more hours to live it up!

Bangloreans now have a few more hours to live it up.

Bowing to the demands of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) the State Government now allows movie theatres to screen their last show to end at 11:00pm. This ends a 25 year rule that pushes the final show of the day to begin at 8:30pm. Late eh!

Also no need to bury that after movie dinner tradition just yet! Eateries in the city can now stay open until midnight instead of 11 pm. While those at the airport, railway station and bus stand will be stay open 24/7.

Bars and pubs will have to stop serving liquor at 11 pm as earlier though they can serve food till 12 am.

This might not be much for a lot of us but at least the deadlines are moving in the right direction! Enjoy!

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