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Samithu Par Legend - Book Review

- By Samyuktha PC
In 1950s, there was an absence of the idea of a cookbook. S. Meenakshi Ammal lost her husband, Samanna Iyer, two years after her son, Sankaran, was born. As a young widow with two kids and an old mother-in-law to tend to, she grew up in a tough household.
Even as a child she loved cooking and was brilliant at the art. She recognized cooking as something everyone could learn and that required guidance. She was often requested for recipes and kept writing them out and sending out to her friends and relatives. Her uncle, Rao Bahadur K V Krishnaswami Iyer, persuaded her to publish all her recipes as an anthology............

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1 comment:

Joel Suganth said...

I like photographs such as these.

and never Knew that such a book exists, will get a copy and will let someone cook something out of it.