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GRUBHOGS.COM website launches July 2008

Grubhogs is launching a hip urban guide for India (BANGALORE, MUMBAI, CHENNAI, DELHI, GOA, NOIDA AND GURGAON) that aims to become the ultimate city guide for local restaurants, bars, clubs, spas, salons and more.

You will be able to add a place, write about it, read about it, its all in your hands! Even list an event for free!

We would love to see you there from the beginning. Sign on to our Facebook and Orkut groups before the website launches, talk about your favorite eatery, restaurant, spa or any establishment. You can even choose to become a "Featured Reviewer" on the website when it goes live!

Meet us @ Facebook group: Grubhogs - You hungry?

Meet us @ Orkut group: Grubhogs - You hungry?

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